Let the Government Help Start Your Home-Based Business!

New home-based business owners need to tap into all the resources possible. Achieving success means overcoming obstacles and finding solutions to challenges. Starting a new home-based business is, in itself, a challenge, and surprisingly enough, the federal government can be a great resource to help get your home-based business underway.


Start-up funding can be difficult to find. Most banks don’t like to lend money to businesses that haven’t proved their worth yet. Angel investors are one option to getting that much-needed money for starting a home-based business such as a killeen carpet cleaning service, if you can find one. Although not recommended, using a savings account or cashing in some bonds is another option. Dipping into debt with credit cards is a third, and probably the most popular.

The government has multiple loan funds set up to help start a new home-based business, and this can be a great way to obtain start-up money. Programs for low-income, the disabled, military veterans and more make funding a business venture accessible to many entrepreneurs. Once an applicant has applied for and received a loan, repayment is arranged, usually with very reasonable payment schedules.

Grants are also available through the federal government. Grants ranging from five thousand dollar to six-figure amounts are available for research and development of businesses. Grants are a great funding option for starting a home-based business, because this money isn’t a loan and doesn’t have to be paid back. Consider a grant to be a gift, though it is a gift that you have to apply for and be accepted to receive. Many government agencies offer grants grouped by categories such as agriculture, real estate, and general business.

But there is more to starting a home-based business than money. Knowledge, training and information resources are important. The government has numerous sources for assistance with business development, expansion and renovation, all accessible to small home-based businesses. Your local Small Business Administration office (or the SBA) is the place to call to obtain this information.

The SBA can also help set up small home-based business owners with counseling and training to acquire new skills vital to management and operation. Guidelines for applicants and forms are available through the SBA. There are other services available as well that provide advice on areas such as managing labor relations with employees or improving skills required for business management.

What is important to remember is that new home-based business owners should access any and all available resources possible. A good foundation of business skills and training goes a long way towards operating a successful business. Opportunities may present themselves when they are least expected, take advantage of every bit of help and advice possible. Starting your home-based business with government resources is a great idea, and soon you’ll be well on your way to owning a substantial home-based business.